Being elected to represent Crawley and Great Britain in the House of Commons is an honour.
If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected as our town’s Member of Parliament at the general election on 7th May 2015, I will continue to champion our community and serve our country.

Employment in Crawley is at record high levels. Joblessness has fallen by two thirds since the last General Election.
In December 2014, the independent House of Commons Library confirmed that youth unemployment in Crawley was at its lowest level since comparable records began.

During the last five years as Member of Parliament for Crawley, I have voted for an in/out UK/EU referendum every time the legislation has been put forward to Parliament.

I had just turned six years old when the last referendum on Europe was held. We were told we would be joining a free

In what I believe was the worst decisions in our new town’s history, the last Labour government closed both maternity as well as A&E units in 2001 and 2005. Emergency services are now returning to Crawley Hospital with the Urgent Treatment Centre now able to see the majority of cases an A

The Fair Votes for All campaign, which is being led in Crawley by Henry Smith MP, has extended its deadline for signatures to be received.

Henry Smith MP has confirmed that he will need to receive signatures by Monday, 9th March, to ensure the views of Crawley residents will be recorded

Henry Smith MP March 2015 Resident’s Bulletin

Standing up for Crawley

The recent record low youth unemployment in

Henry Smith and his team are regularly out and about, listening to what matters to the people of Crawley and letting residents know about Henry’s hard work on behalf of our town.

But we are always looking out more people to get involved.

From delivering leaflets to phoning electors


The Fair Votes for All campaign, which is being led in Crawley by...
During the last five years as Member of Parliament for Crawley, I...
Henry Smith MP Crawley Observer column, Wednesday 11th March 2015 The...

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