Being elected to represent Crawley and Great Britain in the historic House of Commons is an honour. Regardless of whether someone voted for me or not my pledge is to help all constituents, champion our community and serve the country for a better future.

Henry lives in Crawley with his wife Jennifer, who used to work for the local NHS, and was a Crawley Councillor for eight years. They have a young daughter and son and spend what spare time there is with family activities.

Henry ran his own Crawley based business and in 1997 was

At the end of 2014, unemployment in Crawley was at its lowest level since May 2008, and the figure has fallen by two thirds since the last general election.

In December 2014, the independent House of Commons Library confirmed that youth

Gatwick Airport is critical to Crawley’s economy, providing employment

 Personally, I think it will prove to have been the worst decision in Crawley new town’s history to remove maternity in 2001 and A&E in 2005 to East

During the last five years as Member of Parliament for Crawley, I have voted for an in/out UK/EU referendum every time the legislation has been put forward to Parliament.

I had just turned six years old when the last referendum on Europe was held. We were told we would be joining a free

Henry Smith MP February 2015 Resident’s Bulletin

English Votes for the English Nation

I was honoured to be made a Patron


During the last five years as Member of Parliament for Crawley, I...
 Personally, I think it will prove to have been the worst...
This Government is striving to be the most pro-growth in living...

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