Exiting the EU

I was pleased that 58 per cent of Crawley voters chose to leave the European Union in June last year, and I support the Government in securing the best deal for the whole country as we leave the bloc.

Theresa May now needs the firm backing as Prime Minister to deliver on Brexit and the Plan for Britain.

In April I asked the Exiting the EU Secretary in the House of Commons of the Government’s consideration of the aviation sector – of particular importance to our town – when negotiating with the EU. I was also pleased to welcome Boeing investing in a new Gatwick Airport facility which will bring new employment and economic growth.

In contrast, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP are looking to oppose Theresa May’s plan to get the right deal with the EU. They continue to talk about ignoring the majority democratic decision our country made – indeed the largest vote ever in British history. Dozens of Labour MPs voted against the law that starts the process of us leaving.

One issue in particular that needs resolving is the rights of UK nationals in the EU, and EU nationals in the UK. Before Christmas the UK Government put forward a deal guaranteeing the rights of both groups of citizens, which was rejected by the European Union who are wrong to use citizens as bargaining chips.