School Funding

With West Sussex MP colleagues I lobbied successfully for a new National Funding Formula (NFF) and an extra £28 million announced for schools in our county goes some way to make funding fairer.

Under the NFF on average Crawley schools are set to receive around a 10 per cent increase in funding, however this is an issue I am continuing to pursue because I believe local schools deserve more, especially for special needs support.

The old system dates from the Blair administration and unfairly results in some pupils (such as in London) receiving almost twice as much funding as others (such as in West Sussex).

There is more that can be done locally over the next two years to relieve pressure on schools – particularly special needs - and I will be working with West Sussex County Council and individual schools in doing so. It is also vital that the Department for Education has the resources it needs. 

Since the 1990s, spending per pupil has nearly doubled in real terms and our spending levels compare well to most EU countries – spending more than either Germany or France. However, we also expect more from our pupils and teaching staff than ever before.

Thanks to the hard work of local students, teachers and other members of school staff, we have seen 37 more schools in West Sussex rated good or outstanding compared with 2010.


Henry Smith MP welcomes school funding boost

Henry Smith MP has welcomed confirmation that a National Funding Formula for schools will be introduced in 2018-19 and that funding for schools will increase by £2.6 billion over the next two years.