Bulletin - Thank You

Henry Smith MP, Crawley Bulletin


It was humbling to be re-elected as Member of Parliament for Crawley, with an increased majority.

I want to say thank you to everyone who voted for me, or for any of the other candidates standing. I am grateful as well to the Mayor of Crawley, the Acting Returning Officer; members of electoral staff and Sussex Police, all of whom worked day and night to ensure the election went securely.

In the days following the result, I wrote to the Editors of the Argus, the Crawley News and the Crawley Observer, to thank their readers who took part in the democratic process, and as a reminder that I am here to serve all in Crawley, regardless of how they voted, and if they chose not to at all.

The days since the election have been busy; please visit www.henrysmith.info/news for a snapshot of my recent activity.

The results were declared on the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. I never fail to remember the sacrifices made to ensure that we have a democracy at all.

It was an honour to attend the VE Day commemorations in the Memorial Gardens, just hours after the General Election – appropriately my first official engagement of the new Parliament.

I would like to thank each of my opponents, especially Cllr Chris Oxlade.

While Chris and I sometimes differ on how to get the best results for Crawley, everyone knows the spirit with which he serves our town.

Having lost two parliamentary elections myself, I know how hard this will be on Chris and his Labour colleagues.

My sincere congratulations to the newly- and re-elected councillors on Crawley Borough Council. The local authority is now made up of 19 Labour councillors and 18 Conservative councillors, and I trust that all will work together to ensure the continued prosperity of our town.

I work for the people of Crawley and Great Britain; I will do all I can to represent our town’s interests.

If there is any issue you would like me to assist you on, if you wish for me to raise a particular matter with the Government then please write to me at Henry Smith MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, call: 01293 934554 or email: henry.smith.mp@parliament.uk

If you would like to keep up to date with my various activities in Crawley and up in Westminster, please follow me via:


Never hesitate to let me know if I can assist



Picture courtesy of BBC News