Campaign Bulletin - 5th June 2017

Henry Smith - Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Crawley - Campaign Bulletin

My thoughts in recent days have been with the victims of the London Bridge terror attack. As with the atrocities in Westminster and Manchester, we will not allow this evil ideology to destroy our way of life.

Our values prevail, our freedoms continue, our election goes ahead on Thursday.

On Friday either Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister

This election is a choice between myself continuing to stand up for Crawley with Theresa May as our Prime Minister, or Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott representing our country on the world stage.

The number of Crawley businesses has increased by 600 in recent years and local unemployment has fallen to 1.6 per cent. There is more to be done – we can continue this progress, or throw it all away with a Jeremy Corbyn government’s anti-business agenda which will hit employers and taxpayers alike. Labour want to tax firms at the rate paid in the late 1940s, this would destroy jobs and shrink the economy meaning less funding available for our important public services.

The Conservatives in Government have increased the tax-free personal allowance to £11,500, benefiting over 56,000 Crawley residents. If re-elected the amount earned before paying tax will continue to increase to £12,500 by 2020.

Just 11 days after polling day, Britain will start Brexit negotiations with the EU. Whoever is Prime Minister will represent our country – they must be up to the task and ready to start.

Getting these negotiations right is central to everything – our place in the world, our economic security and our future prosperity. Only Theresa May has a plan for Brexit and the ability to deliver.

Jeremy Corbyn has spent 30 years sympathising with enemies of Britain and still does not apologise for his support of the IRA and some extreme Islamic groups in the Middle East. His refusal to countenance using the UK’s independent nuclear deterrent – which helps guarantee the security of much of the western world – would render it pointless and would compromise our security.

He has also been clear on his opposition to the police shoot-to-kill policy when faced with a terrorist threat – an untenable position for a UK Prime Minister.

Less than a year ago, senior Crawley Labour figures were calling for Jeremy Corbyn to be replaced as Labour Leader. Three quarters of his MPs asked him to quit last year.

Now, his proposal for a Garden Tax would increase the average council tax bill in Crawley by £3,229.

I ask to continue to serve so I can keep standing up for our town in the House of Commons, support Theresa May in the Brexit negotiations, work for further improvements for Crawley and to ensure a strong and proud United Kingdom.

Other news

Jeremy Corbyn’s Garden Tax: Condemning a proposal in the hard-left Labour manifesto for a new Garden Tax on England’s family homes which would increase the average Crawley council tax bill by more than £3,200.

This is just the latest example of how Jeremy Corbyn, the SNP, the Lib Dems and the Greens all in government together in a coalition of chaos would make life worse for families in Crawley and across the UK.

It turns out Labour’s magic money tree grows in your garden.

National Citizen Service: Continuing to support Crawley’s young people taking part in NCS. It was my pleasure to present a copy of the recently-passed NCS Act, which enshrines the scheme in law, to the Crawley Town Community Foundation who deliver the programme locally.

Every time I meet NCS participants in Crawley I am struck by their attitude and dedication to work as part of a team and individually, and their desire to help our local community through social action projects.

NCS is a programme open to 15 to 17-year-olds. It is designed to encourage personal and social development through a range of activities and projects requiring leadership, teamwork and communication.

Southern Rail: Welcoming commitments in the Conservative Party Manifesto including further support for rail users through the introduction of a passenger ombudsman and a review of ticketing procedures.

The Conservative Government have committed £300 million for infrastructure improvements. If re-elected, Conservative ministers will continue to work with train companies and staff to agree minimum service levels during periods of industrial dispute. If these cannot be found the Government will bring forward legislation.

Shortly after I secured a parliamentary debate on local rail provision last year, Jeremy Corbyn’s parliamentary candidate in Crawley opposed the ending of RMT strikes. I will continue to stand up for local passengers instead of trade union leaders.

Primary Stars: Congratulating local pupils taking part in a Premier League programme being delivered in Crawley.

The initiative uses a range of sporting examples to promote equality and diversity, encourage life skills such as teamwork and deliver key messaging such as anti-bullying.

England and Chelsea defender Gary Cahill and Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho are among footballing figures who have given their support for the scheme which I am delighted is being delivered locally.

Animal welfare: Having led the campaign in parliament to legislate for mandatory CCTV in UK slaughterhouses, I am delighted that the Conservative manifesto includes this commitment.

In recent years I have been proud to support Conservatives Against Fox Hunting (Blue Fox) and would vote against a repeal of the Hunting Act.

It has also been my honour to Co-Chair the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare over the last two years.

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For the last seven years I have sought to serve our town and stand up for Crawley in Parliament

I ask for your support in continuing to be Crawley’s voice in Westminster in the general election this Thursday

Henry Smith
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Crawley

As Parliament has now been dissolved there are no MPs until after the 8th June 2017 General Election.

Promoted by Tom Liddiard, on behalf of Henry Smith, both of Crawley Business Centre, Stephenson Way, Three Bridges, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 1TN.