Celebrating Easter

As we approach Easter I have been receiving emails from Crawley residents raising the issue of Christian persecution around the world.

This is an important cause I have continued to raise in Parliament. Earlier in the year I joined with Open Doors at their launch of the 2019 World Watch List, which found that around 245 million Christians are at risk of persecution.

I welcome the British Government’s focus on highlighting this issue globally. The Foreign Secretary has asked the Bishop of Truro to lead an independent review of UK Government support for persecuted Christians.

This is expected to look into security provided for minority groups under threat, as well as practical assistance and wider foreign policy priorities. It is hoped that this report will be delivered to ministers in the summer and I look forward to following up further in this regard.

It is right that Britain is taking a lead in ensuring all are able to worship freely.

I would like to wish everyone in Crawley a happy Easter.

Henry Smith MP
Crawley Constituency

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