Henry Smith MP and Chagos Island leaders petition 10 Downing Street

Henry Smith MP arranged for Chagos Island community campaigners to petition 10 Downing Street to continue the call for the Government to grant resettlement of the British Indian Ocean Territory, after the Wilson administration in the late 1960s evicted the islanders to make way for a US air base.

Henry said;

“I was pleased to welcome Chagos Island community president Allen Vincatassin in presenting a petition in Downing Street.

“I will continue campaigning for this historic wrong to be put right. If I was told I wasn’t allowed to return to where I was born, I’d think that was simply a human rights abuse. It is no different for the Chagos Islanders who are after all British citizens from a British territory.

“I have spoken in the House of Commons on many occasions regarding this matter and is an issue I will continue to pursue.”

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23 February 2015

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