Henry Smith MP: Crawley unemployment decreases further

Henry Smith MP has welcomed the latest independent figures which show that unemployment in Crawley fell by a further 42 people in September.

Henry said;

“I’m pleased to see that there are fewer people in Crawley claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance; down by 192 in the last year, and a drop of 60 per cent since this time in 2010.

“With almost three quarters of a million vacancies advertised across the country these figures show we are moving towards a society with opportunity and security at its heart.

“Three quarters of the growth in employment since 2010 has been in full-time positions.”

The September figures show that Crawley unemployment stands at 893 in September, at a rate of 1.5 per cent. Youth unemployment in Crawley has fallen by 15 people to 145, a rate of 2 per cent.

With employment at its highest level ever, over 350,000 more people are in work across the UK than a year ago and unemployment is at its lowest level since 2008.

The figures also show that average pay growth is now 3 per cent – while prices are falling –and more young people are in work, with youth unemployment among those not in full-time study falling to its lowest level in a decade, 6.2 per cent.

Henry continued;

“There are over 2 million more people across the UK now in work than at the end of thirteen years of a Labour Government.

“Having been unemployed myself, I’m well aware that if you’re looking for work, the statistics aren’t of much comfort – this is why I continue to support policies such as the New Enterprise Allowance and the Employment Allowance.”