Henry Smith MP presents school funding petition in Parliament

Henry Smith MP presented his Crawley fair school funding petition in the House of Commons on Tuesday, 1st December.

Henry said;

“I’m grateful to the more than 750 people who engaged with our Crawley petition to call for a fairer funding settlement for local pupils.

“West Sussex is currently one of the worst funded areas in this regard and I have been working with parliamentary colleagues to ensure a fairer system.

“Since the petitions began, the Chancellor of the Exchequer recently confirmed in his Autumn Statement that a fairer funding formula will be introduced in 2017-18.”

The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement last month confirmed that a new national formula will be set for the first time, which will link funding fairly to children’s needs.

Henry’s presentation in Parliament followed that of Graham Stuart, Member of Parliament for Beverly and Holderness, who told the House of Commons;

“I am grateful for the time we have been given to present petitions calling for fair school funding from more than 100 constituencies right across England and the House. The current funding system is arbitrary and unfair. It penalises urban and rural alike, affecting both Labour and Conservative constituencies.

“We welcome the announcement of the new national funding formula for schools that the Chancellor mentioned in the comprehensive spending review last week, and we will continue, across the House, to make the case for reform, as the Government consult on their proposals. I will read out the full text of the petition, but, as you have said, Madam Deputy Speaker, other Members need not do so.

“...The petition states: The petition of residents of Beverley and Holderness,

“Declares that the petitioners believe the existing school funding model in England is arbitrary and unfair; further declares that the ten best funded areas of England have on average received grants of £6,300 per pupil this year, compared to an average of £4,200 per pupil in the ten most poorly funded areas of England; and further declares that the petitioners welcome the Government’s commitment to introduce fairer school funding.

“The petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons supports the earliest possible introduction of a new National Funding Formula for schools in England. And the petitioners remain, etc.”

Henry told the House of Commons;

“I rise to present this petition on behalf of many of the residents—indeed, over 750 of them—in the same terms as my hon. Friend the Member for Beverley and Holderness.

“The Petition of the residents of Crawley.”

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