Henry Smith MP raises awareness of dog meat trade

Crawley MP Henry Smith has hosted an event in Parliament (Tuesday, 11th July) in support of Humane Society International UK’s campaign to highlight the South Korean dog meat trade.

Henry said;

“I was delighted to host Humane Society International UK in the House of Commons to raise awareness of their campaign against the inhumane South Korean dog meat trade.

“Crawley residents often contact me regarding a range of issues relating to animal welfare –the treatment of dogs rightly comes up often.

“My thanks to HSI for coming to Westminster to bring together campaigners and supporters for an exhibition of powerful photos and stories of some of the 850 dogs that they’ve rescued from ‘death row’ on South Korea’s dog meat farms.

“HSI’s stories of dog farms being closed and the rescue of animals does give some cause for optimism that the suffering will stop. For now, there are parliamentary colleagues on both sides of the House of Commons who’ll join me in backing the Government using diplomatic channels to encourage positive change for dogs in South Korea.”

The Crawley MP, who served as Co-Chair of the Animal Welfare All-Party Parliamentary Group for the last two years, listened to speakers including actor and HSI supporter Peter Egan, who shared his own experience of being part of an HSI rescue team in South Korea at the end of 2016.

More than 850 dogs have been rehomed, eight of whom have started their new lives in the UK. Millions of dogs are still suffering on farms in South Korea.

Moon Jae-in, the new President of South Korea, recently adopted a dog meat farm rescue called Tory, and the British Ambassador in Seoul adopted Caspian from a farm closed by HSI earlier in the year.

The organisation seeks to work with the South Korean government to end the trade permanently, working alongside the growing number of farmers who want to transition to alternative livelihoods. The charity’s rescue team is currently in Seoul preparing for its ninth dog farm closure.

Claire Bass, Executive Director of Humane Society International UK, added;

“The dog meat trade causes such indescribable suffering and ending it is an immense task, but we’re already making great progress and it’s important to celebrate that.

“We’ve now closed eight dog meat farms and rescued more than 850 dogs, being able to share some of their stories in Parliament was a real privilege, and we thank Henry Smith MP for his heartfelt support for our campaign.

“There are a growing number of South Korean politicians who reject this inhumane industry and it’s important for British politicians – representing the millions of animal-lovers in the UK – to show solidarity with them and help strengthen their resolve to end the dog meat trade.”