Investing in public access defibrillators

I’m pleased to support the continuing partnership between the British Heart Foundation and the Department of Health.

For a second year, £1 million of investment has been made available for hundreds of public access defibrillators as well as more accessible CPR training in communities around the country.

Over 700 defibrillators were placed in the scheme’s initial year thanks to the first £1 million of Government funding.

The charity hopes to increase availability of defibrillators by a similar number in the initiative’s second year. So far, the BHF has helped fund over 14,000 lifesaving defibrillators in towns, cities and villages across the UK.

To check if your organisation or community group is eligible to apply for the free package, including up to five public access defibrillators and a training kit, please visit:

Henry Smith MP

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
01293 934554/020 7219 7043