Leaving the European Union and trusting the judgment of the people

In recent days Guy Verhofstadt, a senior Member of the European Parliament and former Prime Minister of Belgium, once again called for a European army to be formed.

It is telling that instead of seeking to understand why one of its largest members decided to leave in a vote of the people, many in charge of the bloc would prefer to press ahead regardless with further integration.

Such lack of engagement with its citizens is indeed systemic of why the EU will be losing one of its member states next year.

Having served on the European Scrutiny Committee for five years from 2010, I saw at first hand the lack of accountability there was regarding EU directives being directly transposed into UK law.

While I was delighted with the referendum result my representations with ministers are with the concerns of all Crawley residents in mind.

Those seeking to re-run the referendum are putting an active block on efforts to bring our country together. What would happen if there was another referendum with the same outcome? Would those calling for a second referendum then advocate a third and a fourth?

Much has been made of the 2016 vote being an ‘advisory referendum’. The Government at the time spent over £9 million of taxpayers’ money on a leaflet to every household in the country not only urging people to vote Remain, but stating that the decision of the electorate would be carried out.

I trust the informed and considered judgment of voters in Crawley and throughout the country.

While it also serves the political and economic interest of the remaining EU 27 countries to reach an agreement with Britain, my concern is that the European project of ‘ever closer union’ may trump such pragmatism.

This is the time for the Prime Minister to show resolve and secure a deal in the interests of our United Kingdom.

Henry Smith MP