New officers for Sussex Police

Congratulations to the 36 new Sussex Police officers who have recently joined response teams around the county, including Crawley, recruited as part of the Government’s 20,000 officer recruitment drive.

These new officers are the first of an additional 129 for Sussex by March of next year, funded by the first phase of the Home Office initiative which will employ those 20,000 extra police men and women by 2023.

I am grateful to the work of Sussex Police in recruiting these officers and for the diligence of the Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne.

Through measures including increases in government grant, funding to support pensions costs, and increased national investment to meet the threats from counter-terrorism and serious and organised crime, police resources are being boosted by up to £1.1 billion next year, the biggest increase in a decade.

The police look after us, and we must do right by our police.

Last year I called for a Police Covenant to recognise the risks which police officers are prepared to take to keep us safe, and to highlight the nation’s duty to protect them and ensure recognition for the work they do.

In recent days the Home Office launched a consultation on the implementation of a Police Covenant in England and Wales, to enhance support for the police and their families. It will focus on physical protection; health and wellbeing; and support for families, in addition to considering the scope of the Covenant and who should be covered.

The consultation is open until 22nd April; information can be found on the ‘Policy papers and consultations’ section at: If you do not use the internet, please send your views to: Police Covenant, Police Workforce & Professionalism Unit, Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF. Any Crawley residents who choose to make a submission would be more than welcome to send me a copy.

Henry Smith MP