The people's democracy must not be denied

This week saw the remarkable spectacle of Labour MPs publicly confirming their fear of the people by voting against holding a general election.

In contrast I joined the Prime Minister in the division lobbies in support of a poll which is now necessary because of Labour’s Surrender Bill.

Jeremy Corbyn, and other leftist party leaders like Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon seek to require the Prime Minister to ‘immediately’ accept any Brexit delay sought by the EU, irrespective of conditions that may be imposed.

The Surrender Bill would cost the UK roughly £1 billion a month net in EU membership. This is money that should be spent on schools and hospitals, but Jeremy Corbyn wants to hand it over to a political bloc we are soon to leave.

It means that Brussels would be in total control. Our country cannot accept this.

Some MPs who were calling for a general election as recently as last week failed to vote for it a couple of days later. The hypocrisy is blatant, but unsurprising.

A general election will allow the country to decide on Boris Johnson’s bold agenda. Increasing funding for our nation’s schools, ensuring more support for our NHS, and 20,000 new police officers to help keep our streets safe.

Last week the Chancellor confirmed that spending on schools will rise by £2.6 billion next year, enabling per pupil funding to increase.

More cash will be spent on frontline services in the NHS, and last week I told the Health Minister in Parliament that people expect to see the benefit of this investment, as well as improved GP provision and reduced waiting times.

The first wave of up to 6,000 police officers across England and Wales will include £750 million of funding for 2020-21 and an immediate £45 million to kick-start recruitment.

Brexit, of course, needs to be completed. As I write this week’s column, I see that opposition leaders are to spend more time plotting to overturn and override the referendum result.

The people’s democracy must not be denied.

Henry Smith MP