Statement from West Sussex MPs on school funding

West Sussex MPs held a meeting with Damian Hinds, the new Education Secretary, on Tuesday evening (17th April).

The new Funding Formula is fairer than in the past and has released considerable extra resources to West Sussex.

However concerns remain, especially given the increase in costs borne by schools.

With the new Funding Formula being introduced, MPs wanted to ensure that these concerns were flagged early and at the highest level.

A particular focus was placed on "High Needs" funding and the future funding of increases in teachers' pay.

The meeting also discussed how resources can best be focussed on pupils and how schools can be helped to improve standards, especially at Primary Level.

The MPs added;

"The new formula is of net benefit to West Sussex schools.

"However we made clear to the Education Secretary that the debate on school funding is not over.  

"There is more that can be done locally over the next two years to relieve pressure on schools and we will be supporting WSCC and individual schools in doing so.  It is also vital that the Education Department has the resources it needs.  

"Since the 1990s, spending per pupil has nearly doubled in real terms and our spending levels compare well to most EU countries – spending more than either Germany or France. However we also expect more from our pupils and teaching staff than ever before.

"We will continue to campaign to ensure that the Autumn Budget allocates the right resources to support Education."