Save West of Ifield

We are fortunate to live in Crawley with beautiful green fields and woodland on our doorstep.

I share the concerns of many local residents at the proposals put forward by Homes England to build up to 10,000 housing units on green fields to the west of Ifield.

Such proposals threaten natural habitats, with much of the area prone to flooding as well. A development such as this would place unacceptable extra pressure on Crawley’s infrastructure including roads, GP practices and schools.

These proposals would cause significant environmental damage and infrastructure pressure without Crawley people being fully in control of the planning process.

I continue to raise my objections to these proposals directly with Homes England and also in the House of Commons, including highlighting our concerns at Prime Minister’s Questions.

Crawley has taken its fair share of new homes in recent years, including the new neighbourhoods of Forge Wood and Kilnwood Vale, which have already added to pressure on local services across all areas of our town.

In December 2023 I presented a petition of more than 7,300 local residents in the House of Commons in opposition to Homes England's proposals.