Police on our streets

Crawley police numbers have remained stable in recent years, but I welcome the Prime Minister’s pledge to recruit an additional 20,000 officers nationwide.

School Funding

Alongside other colleagues from West Sussex I lobbied successfully for a new National Funding Formula (NFF) and an extra £33.5 million announced for schools in our county goes some way to make funding fairer.

Health in Crawley

I welcome services returning to Crawley Hospital, a stark contrast to the previous decade where we lost our maternity unit in 2001 and A&E department in 2005.

Exiting the EU

In 2016 Crawley voted to Leave the European Union. I was honoured to lead the local Leave campaign. Since that remarkable Brexit victory I have voted and voiced in the House of Commons to deliver the UK’s true EU exit, and without delay.

Animal Welfare

I have consistently called for stronger laws against those who cause animals pain and inflict suffering needlessly.

Southern Railway

£290,000 for local passenger improvement projects was announced earlier this year, following delays endured by rail users at Three Bridges, Crawley, Ifield and Gatwick Airport stations.

Blood Cancer

It was my honour to set up and be elected to chair the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blood Cancer in June 2016.

In this role I’ve worked closely with the charity Bloodwise, and liaised with medical professionals, Government ministers as well as patients and their support groups.

National Citizen Service

The Government has committed to offering an NCS place to everyone that wants one through the National Citizen Service Act which completed its passage through Parliament in April 2017, indeed I was pleased to speak in the House of Commons in support of this legislation earlier in the year.

Chagos Islands

Crawley is home to a large Chagossian community and this is an issue I’ve consistently pursued since even before my election to Parliament in 2010. I’ll continue to pursue this cause with the Government.