School Funding

Alongside other West Sussex MPs I pressed hard for fair funding for our schools, and welcome that this Government is introducing a new funding formula to replace the unfair and outdated method from well over a decade ago.

With county MPs and local schools I am continuing to make the case for improved transitional funding in the interim until the new fairer formula is fully implemented in 2018/19.

In recent weeks West Sussex MPs and headteachers have met with the School Standards Minister to further pursue this point. Additionally, county MPs had a further meeting with the Secretary of State for Education to make further representations.

The old formula has been very unfair in terms of per pupil budgets allocated to Crawley and so I enthusiastically support a new system being introduced. The new (provisional) formula would see Crawley schools receive an extra 8.4 per cent in funding, equivalent to £5.7 million more.

The new formula is currently under consultation, with the Government seeking views on the National Funding Formula and High Needs Funding Reform.

For further information and to give your views, please visit and contact:

National Funding Formula 

Deadline: 22nd March 2017

High Needs Funding Reform

Deadline: 22nd March 2017

I strongly urge all parents, guardians, students, teachers and staff at local schools to submit views on behalf of West Sussex. Please do copy me in on any submission you may make.


Review of 2016

Henry Smith MP column, Crawley Observer, 28 December 2016.