Henry Smith MP encourages young people in Crawley to apply for new railcard

Henry Smith MP has written to schools across Crawley asking teachers to encourage their students to take advantage of a new Railcard for 16 and 17 year olds, that is soon to be launched by the Government.

Many young people rely on trains to get to school, college and work and the Government are determined to ensure that rail fares are affordable for young people and their parents across the country. The new Railcard will guarantee 50 per cent off all rail travel until the cardholder reaches their 18th birthday. The new Railcard is expected to benefit up to 1.2 million young people.

The release of the Railcard, in time for the new school year, follows the hugely successful launch of the 26-30 Railcard earlier this year, when 11,000 cards were sold on the first day alone.

Henry said;

“I hope that all 16 and 17 year olds in Crawley take advantage of this fantastic new Railcard, which will guarantee them half price fares.

“This is why I’ve written to local secondary schools and colleges, encouraging they make their students aware of this brilliant opportunity.

“Across Crawley and nationally many young people rely on trains to get to school, college and work, and I welcome the Government’s determination to ensure that fares are affordable for them.”