Henry Smith MP: Explaining our democracy

Henry Smith MP column, RH Uncovered Magazine, November 2015

Earlier this year, the new Parliamentary Education Centre was opened by Professor Brian Cox, and I was delighted to accompany a group of local students there recently, and show them around the historic Palace of Westminster.

The Education Centre certainly is impressive and inspiring, and it’s estimated that it’ll enable one million school children to visit Parliament over the next decade – I look forward to continuing to show pupils and students from Crawley around the House of Commons.

Parliament Week 2015 starts on 16th November, and contains a programme of events and activities designed to connect people across the UK with Parliament and democracy as a whole.

This year’s Parliament Week comes at the end of a year commemorating 750 years since the De Montfort parliament and 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta, which began the emergence of the House of Commons and democracy as we know it today.

As Member of Parliament for Crawley, an important part of my role is to go to schools and colleges across our town, and explain what my work as the local MP involves, as well as discussing what Parliament does, and continuing to emphasise the importance of registering to vote.

It’s a responsibility I enjoy, and I’m always happy to welcome young people at the home of our democracy.

If you live in Crawley and would like to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the details on this page.

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