Henry Smith MP: the political contrast could not be clearer

After a bitter civil war and just a year from when he was first chosen, Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected Labour leader.

As a Conservative, it'd be easy to become complacent at how far Labour have travelled from presenting themselves as a party of government. We've a duty, however, to expose how dangerous, expensive, and downright reckless the policies that they offer now are and be concerned at the lack of credible opposition, an important function in a democracy.

Whether it's the promise of endless irresponsible spending, the reheated hard left dogma or their commitment to weakening the UK's defences, Labour are living on a different planet to the millions of working men and women who want to see a government that delivers for our country.

Jeremy Corbyn has proposed a colossal £500 billion of new unsustainable spending, higher taxes, banning ‘early evening socialisation’ after work, stopping pharmaceutical companies developing lifesaving drugs, scrapping our nuclear deterrent, ending the right for council tenants to buy their homes, and savage defence cuts.

'Talks' with Daesh/ISIS, giving up the pound for the euro, joining the Schengen free movement European immigration area as well as a return to a something-for-nothing welfare system are yet more unworkable, absurd Labour policy proposals – out of touch with people in Crawley and across the country.

On local issues of concern too Labour have left the field of debate on what matters day to day for most people. For example, I recently led a Commons debate on sub-standard Southern train services. Not one Labour MP bothered to turn up, let alone contribute and speak.

While all this was taking place, the Conservative Party under Theresa May formed a new government to provide strong and proven leadership. We have started work on delivering on Brexit, while at home building a Britain that works for everyone.

As this second Labour leadership challenge draws to a close, the contrast could not be clearer.