Moving forward together

After one referendum, two Prime Ministers, three parliaments and four years, the will of the people of Crawley will be realised at 11pm tonight – Friday 31st January 2020.

One thing that struck me not only during the General Election campaign last month, but in the years since the 2016 referendum took place, is that voters in Crawley who were on both sides subsequently came together to urge the result to be implemented.

This nation is a beacon of hope around the globe with our democratic values being one of our most closely-held qualities. After four years of division, the vote for Brexit is hours away from being realised.

The Prime Minister is to address the nation an hour before we officially leave, while our country’s flag will fly proudly in Parliament Square and on the Mall.

The very next day, the new GREAT ‘Ready to Trade’ campaign will launch in 17 cities across 13 countries outside the EU, as the UK seeks to strengthen relationships with future global partners.

In the recent debate on the Queen’s Speech in the House of Commons I spoke about our deep links to the rest of the world.

From the strength of the English language, our common law system, and the respect in which this country is held, we are in a great position to succeed in the future.

We can use our unique global connections to be a conduit to continental Europe.

Let us move forward in an increasingly small world as one United Kingdom.

Henry Smith MP
Crawley Constituency

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
01293 934554/020 7219 7043